Barzini – ‘De-Mon-Alisa’


DOWNLOAD Barzini - 'De-Mon-Alisa' MP3Don’t miss this new song from Barzini – ‘De-Mon-Alisa’.

De-Mon-Alisa is a song that was born out of pressure. When I wrote it, I was under the pressure to perform in the most confusing of circumstances. Like Harrison Ford in “Air Force One” when he had to cut those wires to defuel the plane. Yea, kinda worse than that but you don’t see great movies so scoot ?

Anyway, I came home one day and my best friend played me a beat he wanted to use and when I heard it, it was like the music captured everything, how I felt and all, it just spoke. So I spat the first few lines off the top and he was like “yo, you’re unto something with this…” and he left me to finish the beat off. The product was De-Mon-Alisa.

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De-Mon-Alisa is an honest song. To grow past anything in this life you’ve gotta be honest, you’ve gotta say your truth. Not the truth that will be pleasant to other people, not the truth that is appropriate for the media, but your own undiluted, uncut truth and you know the only person you gotta tell it to? Yourself.

Now, I learned three things from that phase of my life and I want to share, you ready? Here goes.

  1. Language is very limiting therefore, having a channel to express yourself is a blessing. Mine is music. Yours can be anything else, coding, writing, basketball etc. whatever it is, it’s your voice, own it, learn it, hone it, the world is waiting for you.
  2. Pressure is NOT a bad thing. You can turn it to your advantage, always be positive, you are greater than you think you are.
  3. There’s only one opinion in this world that matters and it’s not their opinion, neither is it yours (lol, sorry, sometimes we think we ain’t shit and that’s not true). It’s God’s opinion dear and guess what? He thinks you’re super awesome and he loves you (Romans 8:39). If you focus on that and receive the love, you’ll be alright (I know it’s more complicated than this but hey, one step at a time, don’t kill yourself).

Random thought: Ever wonder how much easier it is to give love than to receive love?

Thanks for your time, and I hope you enjoy the song,
I love you! ❤️


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