Babcock University Remain Silent Over Chioma’s Admission Status


Davido x ChiomaA while ago it was reported that Chioma’s immediate family are displeased because their daughter has paused schooling to spend more time with her boyfriend Davido.

An investigation by Sunday Scoop to find out more about Chioma’s admission at Babcock University was truncated as those questioned did have much to say about her admission.

Joshua Suleiman, Babcock University Director of Marketing and Communications was contacted and he had the following to say.

“I don’t know the person; you know I cannot know every student. But I can give you the number of the students’ development staff; I am not sure they will also know her unless they find out. I manage the school’s information, but we have about 10,000 students. Even lecturers don’t know all the students in their class.”

The school’s Vice President, Students’ Development, Dr Williams redirected the journalist to the school’s registrar saying, “It is only the registrar that can give you such information. If you go to our website, you will find their phone numbers there.”

So far everyone contacted had very little and sketchy details on Chioma’s admission status.

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