Arrgghh! F***ing Generators


My intuition tells me that one day the great leaders of all the other continents came together in a room and came up with several ways to deal with us Africans for being awesome without even trying, we are natural athlete, rugged individuals and our survival instinct is off the chart and you have to trust my intuition, it is my most valuable asset.

After so much thought the generator was created. Don’t be naive the generator is not just an alternative source of power supply, it was created so we would never know peace. It is kind of hard for us to wage war against this invention since we hardly have power from the power holding company of Nigeria.

Do you think generators are lousy for no reason ? Cars have engines and run on fuel but it doesn’t make that much noise so don’t give me any lectures on engineering, you can’t tell me nothing ! Why didn’t generators come with a remote control and just work and move away simultaneously from my house like a car and when I am done using it, I control it back home to daddy or we could just have generator lanes and generator parks away from where anybody or anything that has ears live.

But no ! The person who created it had a different plan, he wasn’t deaf but heartless, his plan was to punish us for being us and we hardly have power supply so absence of light is an obvious blind side. Please open your ears and hear how evil this generator is, the sounds that come out of that beast is contaminating our fresh air and deafening our fine ears.

So yesterday night I embarked on my first operation, I spoilt the Generator in my house when everyone was inside their rooms and pretended like nothing happened. I am now a business man by day and a generator buster by night, the next time I come to your house and your generator is on, disturbing the peace of the environment, just know you brought it upon yourself if your generator suddenly stops working. This course is greater than you or me, it is for every living thing that has ears. – Ope Richard

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