American Lady goes viral after declaring that Wizkid lasts only 60 secs and that she does not know who Davido is


An American lady is presently trending on Twitter after she stated that Wizkid only last 60 secs & she doesn’t no Davido.

The lady who viewed into the #30BillionConcert that was been trending even in the US & said she could not corrolate with the tweets, while apparently sending a quick insult on Wizkid way.

Here’s what @SprayCanAnn tweeted ;

I saw #30billionconcert trending, no idea what it is, checked the feed, have fallen into #BlackTwitter.

I have NO IDEA what most of the these tweets say but apparently people are disappointed in the show and someone named WIZKID or WIZZY only lasts 60 secs.


The tweet has gotten over a 1000 retweets & a Nigerian come across it and invited his fellow Nigerian to see what he just read, LOL – and trust me what happened next was hilarious, Nigerians can’t stand such ‘rubbish’ without replying back the woman….

Check out some replies below;

Anyway she gave a good defense of her tweet ;

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