6 Actions That Make People Unfollow You On Social Media


6 Actions That Make People Unfollow You On Social MediaSo this Instagram account followed me on Wednesday, I checked her account, she has interesting contents so I followed her back.

Her first video contents intrigued me so much that I had to check out others.
I didn’t stop there, I sent her DM. I actually wanted to link her to someone who has a problem she can solve.

This was around 10am. Through out the day she didn’t respond, but when I checked her account in the evening she had shared another video contents, so I guessed she was busy creating the video.

Thursday, still no response, but again she had shared some visual contents, this time I couldn’t hold myself, i unfollowed her.

Three hours later, here she is in my DM. I explained things to her, she apologized and now we are cool.
But, her apology couldn’t bring back the client I wanted to give her because i have given it to someone else who does not play with her direct message.

It’s is from her actions that I got the inspiration to write this so others will learn.

Let’s Go!

1- People will Unfollow You if you post too many promotional messages.

Tell me, do you open your Facebook or Instagram app to buy something? I know you don’t.. Everybody hates ad, and nobody likes to be sold to.

Social media users want entertainments, information, they want something that will inspire and motivate them. Give them what they want and they will listen to you when you have an offer.

2- They will Unfollow You if you share irrelevance contents

Just chunking out contents does not help. It has to be something that resonates with your audience.. Just Imagine I’m talking about wrestling every time.

3- They will Unfollow You if you posts too often.

Every time you open your app you see posts from a particular account you didn’t even put on see first, annoying, right?

There should be moderation. I wouldn’t go deep into other implications of posting too often. 2-3 times a day is okay, give space to others and give your audience time to consume your first content before bringing more.

4- They will Unfollow You if you use slangs that they cannot understand

Personally, struggle to tolerate this one. Just use words that everybody will understand and keep your grammar for your processor. Keep your slangs for your mates.Speaking your audience’s language is the best. We don’t have time to crack our brains or go check the dictionary. Abba! Help us.

5- If they discovered that your accounts have been quiet

If you’re not active on social media these days some may even conclude that you are dead. In as much as you shouldn’t post too much. You have to post to remind your community you are still there. If possible, pull an Ebuka once in awhile.

6- They will Unfollow you if you ignore them

Just like that lady, they will Unfollow you and even tell others that you are a snub. We all want attention, we want to be celebrated.

If someone takes out time to comment on your post, do well to respond on time..

Respond to your direct messages, most times it lead to business.
And once in a while celebrate your loyal fans, it will build emotional connections and encourage others to join your tribe.

Written by Henshaw Jacobson

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