5 Gift Ideas For Your Boyfriend’s Birthday


5 Gift Ideas For Your Boyfriend’s BirthdayThe birthday of the guy who has been putting up with a lot of your quirks without hurting you has arrived. Firstly, it’s hard to get a man like that, secondly if you’ll last long enough to celebrate more than one birthday (of each) and a couple of anniversaries, then good going girlfriend!

You have managed to tolerate a man for a long period.

Now getting the same man a present which is not the same as what you got him for your anniversary, his graduation day, his job getting day, his favourite football team losing day isn’t easy.

Running out of ideas is sad but a daily occurrence, thus here is a list to help you out:

Customized T-shirts:

It is a well known fact that clothes are never enough, this applies to both s*xes.

Another problem is that we usually hate the clothes which are gifted to us.

The colour, the fitting, the style or just basic hatred for anything that isn’t what we had in mind is quite a downer.

You can undo the silent curses of the boyfriend by buying him a customized T-shirt.

Never can anybody go wrong with that.

Whether he’s a Game of Thrones fan or obsessed with Star Wars (they are all the same) you can get a House Stark or Yoda printed on a plain tee and present it to him.

Guys are simple like that, he will love it.

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Car/Bike Accessories: 

If there’s one thing your man are completely in love with (barring you, of course and Scarlett Johansson), it is his vehicle.

A motorbike or a car, whatever they own, they love.

Even if it breaks down at every signal, or the colour is peeling off or the brakes work only after sucking all his strength out of his body, he still loves it.

So buy him those bike gloves he ogles at from the store or that wireless Bluetooth operated music receiver he has added to his “online shopping cart” for his car.

If you are the protective type, you can also go for those fancy but excellent full faced helmets which will protect him whenever he decides to fly with his motorbike.


You have your spa sessions, shopping with girlfriends, and endless list of rom-coms you can sit and watch all day.

He has videogames that make him forget his meals, daily activities, political scenario of the country and basically his existence.

So if you have the savings or are earning well enough, buy him a Playstation.

He will be smiling more if it is the latest, but even if you give him a little dated version, he will still thank all his Gods for landing up with you just for the gesture you made.


You know what shoes are to you, watches are for men, they can never have enough.

From sporty to luxury, from leather straps to stainless metal, there is one for everyone.

Waterproof, laser light, calculator all of these things can come in that tiny little watch.

You know your boyfriend the best; decide if he’d be the George Clooney of Omega or a humble nameless model from Guess.

Pick what suits your budget though; there is no need to donate a kidney to buy your guy a gift.

Bake a cake:

If you are completely broke or have already gifted him all of the aforementioned suggestions, then be an angel and bake him a cake.

Even if you don’t have a Martha Stewart inside you, or you don’t even know her name, there are many ready to make cake mixes available in your nearest supermarket.

Use Nutella or grated chocolate as icing and show him the domestic goddess that you are.

Stick to these easy suggestions and surprise the love of your life on his special day!

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