5 Best Apps to Get Acquainted While Traveling


Every year, fans of outdoor activities have less chance to forget their documents at home, get lost in a strange city or not be able to explain something in an unfamiliar language. The probability of unforeseen tourist situations can be minimized by using these travel apps adviced by datingbrides.com
1.      Couchsurfing

You’ve probably heard about Couchsurfing. This is definitely one of best travel apps for your smartphone. 7 million hospitable people from around the world stop in at each other’s houses, traveling to different countries. This is a great way not only to save on living but also make new acquaintances or even find love. The main condition is that you have to be ready to provide accommodation in your apartment or house for someone who will want to live there. The system has been working for several years. This app is already well-established. So, don’t worry if you travel alone and stop at strangers’ houses. But, of course, it’s certainly worth observing the basic safety rules.

  1.      Tripr

Tripr is not an ordinary application. It is rather a social network for travelers and a kind of travel dating app. To get started, you need to log in via Facebook and fill in the internal profile. The functions here are many times greater. However, the meaning is almost same – communication with other people (travelers). If you want to find a particular companion, you need to choose a city and specify a date. Unfortunately, the spoken language can’t be chosen here, which can make communication difficult.

  1.      BeWelcome

This is also one of the best travel apps for iPhone where the locals offer to spend the night in the house (apartment, room). This incredibly hospitable program is enjoyed by 50,000 people from all corners of the globe: they prepare breakfast together, go on excursions, share their stories, practice foreign languages, and attend various parties. The concept is simple: locals and travelers fill in their profiles in details and link their accounts to social networks. You can leave comments to help other tourists with a choice at the bottom of each member’s profile.

  1.      Foursquare

This application is still popular in Europe. There are a lot of benefits from it, especially for tourists. If you and this app are not familiar, then here is the explanation of what it is: a map shows all the nearest institutions near the place where you are now, with brief and detailed information about them, reviews, and ratings based on feedbacks of other visitors. It is perfect if you are standing in a strange city in the center of an unfamiliar area, you want to find a local restaurant to have dinner, but you have no idea where to go. Also, you can become friends with other users and chat.

  1.      Skout

Using this one of the most popular travel apps for android, users can virtually travel to other cities and communicate with local residents. Although this app offers the same functions as other social applications, Skout is different in that it allows users to choose the type of communication, and also has the ability to track who has visited your profile. You can exchange text, video or voice messages with friends around the world. It is very interesting to observe what is happening in Barcelona or Tokyo at the moment, for example. It is possible to practice a new language with native speakers or you can ask any interesting questions about upcoming trips.

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