3 Things To Prepare You For Your Dream Trip


It’s March, when are you getting started on your #travel plans?

“I’m going to travel in 2020” please how many of us made that promise at the start of the year? Or was it your new year, new me resolution? And 60 days are gone already!

If you’re like me, you’ll probably have a picture of the beach with a fabulous hat and bikini holding a glass of champagne representing my 2020 trip on my vision board.

It’s time to take action and execute.

See, traveling has become even more necessary now because it not only gives exposure and opportunity. Its great for networking, open up your mind to possibilities and challenges you.

Some people at the back will probably say “But Tolu, I need money to travel first na” read till the end. I have something that will help.

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Well, travel is a worthy investment. Not only will you take amazing pictures and create beautiful memories, you’ll also build your travel history, pamper yourself and grow your thinking.

If you’re considering moving out of Nigeria at any time for business, leisure, relocation, studies or work, you need to start with these 3 things.

1. Get a passport.

Because without it, you can’t travel out of Nigeria. With N30, 000 or less you will be able to get your passport in any passport office of the Nigerian immigration nationwide

2. Get a Yellow card.

A yellow card is a certificate of health against yellow fever and it’s required by a lot of countries. The new yellow card in Nigeria only costs N2000.

3. Learn to plan travel as a skill.

Learning to plan travel as a skill can help you pay for your trip. Ladies and gentlemen and you don’t need to quit your job to do it. It can serve as a side hustle.

Travel is a multi-billion dollar industry with a lot of people travelling daily and millions of people travel through Nigerian airports alone. Aside from air travel, there’s rail, water and road transport.

If you’re able to perfect this skill, there’s no stopping you. Imagine if you can plan trips for just 1% of the traveling global population annually. Wouldn’t that fund your travel goals and more?

Written by Tolulope Dopemu

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