“2Baba was drunk as f**k while performing, Davido chased him off the stage” Fans react to 2baba’s Performance At Davido’s 30 Billion Concert


2baba 30 Billion ConcertThe #30BillionConcert which occurred yesterday surely had some significant features that for all intents and purposes everybody who’s found out about or direct observed the occasion, can’t get enough of.

2baba 30 Billion Concert

One noteworthy feature that got a great many people consideration online is that of Nigerian music magnate, 2Baba performing alcoholic in front of an audience.

Davido and Wizkid

According to the general population show at the show, Nigerian artist, 2baba went to the stage officially alcoholic and could scarcely arrange himself legitimately.

In a video by Goldmyne, the artist appears to be high however it can’t be said without a doubt yet it’s simply that the host, Davido appeared to be in a rush to surge him off the phase before an unsalvageable harm was done on that stage.


After singing some of his significant hits midway, the African Queen singer was more intrigued by being a speaker and it was now that Davido prostrated to him – a move which as indicated by the general population, signified “Don’t destroy my career”.

It’s no news that the music big shot is adored by numerous and can be effectively excused for anything and from the responses from his fans on the web, his fans are just thinking that its entertaining and not irritating!

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