2019: Buhari hasn’t decided to contest yet – Adesina


2019 Buhari hasn’t decided to contest yet - AdesinaPresidential spokesman, Mr. Femi Adesina has said President Muhammadu Buhari is yet to make the decision on whether he would seek another term in office in 2019 or not.

Adesina added that the President would do so only after considering whether his state of health would be able to carry the challenges of the exalted office.

Adesina spoke during an interview Sunday.

While answering questions on Buhari’s health status and his seeking re-election in 2019, Adesina replied that the President isn’t a frivolous personality and would never do whatever he believed his health could not sustain.

Back in 2017, Buhari had spent months outside the country for medical treatment in the UK for an ailment the Presidency did not disclose to Nigerians despite the public interest in the President’s medical condition.

“The President is not a frivolous person. If he thinks his health cannot carry anything, he will not do it. Every day, you see the President, you see a glow about him and you see the freshness about him. I think he is even in a better state of health than when he came in in 2015. It’s all to the glory of God.

“Once, he assesses that his health can carry it, there’s nothing wrong if he steps into the fray. But he has the final decision,” Adesina said.

The Special Adviser to the President on Media and Publicity also said Nigerians need to be patient for Buhari to tell them his position on whether he would be seeking a second term in office or not.

Adesina explained that his principal had done more than enough to seek re-election, insisting that the things the president has done are apparent. He added that despite the current security challenges in the country, what President Buhari has carried out on security cannot be ruled out.

On the economy, Adesina further explained that despite the economic recession the country went into, it came out just in one year even as the World Bank has projected a 2.5 per cent growth for Nigeria’s economy in 2018.

“There were three things President Buhari appointed for himself, one, to secure the country; two, to fight corruption; and three, to revive the economy. They are going well,” Adesina said.

Written by Hameed Sadiq

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