10 Tips To Start A Band With No Friends


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We all dreamed to be rockstars at some point, but the harsh reality is that such a thing requires a great deal of things to come together – people, more than most. If you want to start a band but don’t have musician friends, don’t worry, there are still ways for you to go big.

1. Pay a visit to your local venues

Whenever a local band is playing, that’s where you want to be. There are plenty of musicians who are sitting there listening to their friends who could potentially be in your band.

2. Get in touch online

If your local venues don’t have live gigs so often, get online and ask around, someone’s bound to pop up.

3. Search social media groups

There are various social media groups on Facebook and similar platforms where you can hook yourself up with other musicians who are looking for a band.

4. Start writing alone

If  you didn’t have much luck so far, you should start writing some music alone, so that when you eventually find people, you’ll have more credibility to ask them to join an original band, rather than doing cover stuff.

5. Don’t limit yourself to your home place

More often than not, bands do not come from the same place. A drummer in particular might as well be from another country since they’re in so high demand. Search for places in your vicinity and don’t limit yourself to your home place.

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6. Learn other instruments – one man band

It might sound like a lot of work, but people actually do this all the time. Learning how to play bass, guitar, and sing could attract more people your way since you’ll always be ready, not to mention that you could write your own stuff at home with an audio interface.

7. ‘Hire’ musicians

If you want to leave the option to make a band of friends completely, hiring musicians is an option too. So called ‘session’ musicians could help you write a record or perform live gigs for you, but this is a very costly option.

8. Be patient

Making a band is equivalent to making a family. You need a lot of patience, especially since every relationship needs a lot of time and effort in order to flourish.

9. Visit famous gigs

Big bands go on tours worldwide, and there are high chances that some of them are visiting your area right now. Visiting famous gigs will let you become a bit more relevant, get in touch and become a part of a bigger group of people who share your music taste.

10. Make a record

Making a record is something that bands usually do when they’ve rehearsed a bit, but doing it yourself will show the world you mean business. That will be a material proof of your expertise and will – you can post the album on social media and give copies of it to your friends, meaning that you are most likely to attract a bunch of musicians your way. Costs a lot, though.

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